2024-2025 Committee:

2024-2025 Committee:

Who are Committee:

Committee are the group of 14 students who run the UBMC from organising Risk Assessment forms to managing the social media accounts and running the climbing team. If you have any questions about anything please ask a comimittee member and they will be able to help you out.

Below are the different committee positions this year so you know who you can contact and a little bit more about us.

President - Peter Gill

Peter is head of the UBMC and all decisions go through him. He is a friendly face and will happily talk to you about anything UBMC whether you have some new ideas or want to know more about the club.

Vice President - Alex Scott

When Alex isn't hard at work doing risk assessments and fighting with the guild you might find him squashing freya's while trying to catch a fall, he is still in charge of safety despite this.

Secretary - Amy Range

Amy is responsible for sorting out insurance forms and booking rooms and writting minutes for the comittee meetings we have. She is such a friendly face and you almost certainly find her crushing outdoor routes on the MAM trips we run.

Treasurer - Luke Matthews

Luke is the club treasurer which means he won't embezzle money, promise.

If you drive on trips or end up paying for parking on a club trip contact Luke and you can get paid back for petrol and parking. He also deals with the club budget regarding accomodations and new gear the club purchases.

Mountain Sec - Rosie Coward

Rosie has been on 3 diffrent Scottland trips so is well prepared to make this years trip a very good time. As long as you don't get caught in an Avalanche, everything should be fine.

Gear Sec's - Freya Hollis and Fergus Catley

The Gear Sec's are the unfortunate souls who have to wash all the gear you get dirty while being out climbing but they don't mind it... probably...

If you need to borrow any gear from the club contact one of your Gear Sec's or if you want to know what gear the club has to offer find out more here

Social Sec's- Izzy Heal and Daniel Franklin

While the Social Sec's enjoy being out climbing, they also enjoy getting up to mischief and silliness at all the Wednesday socials and the social trips they run. They come up with the themes, challenges and punishments for all of the UBMC sports nights and they organise Stanage and Annual Dinner.

Team Manager - Alex Bailey

When Alex isn't crushing yellows at Depot or leading 7a's at creation he is very often posting his famous 'beer review' videos which talk about the hops and drinkability of his current beer.

He also sometimes helps to run the climbing team with Zoe.

Team Sec - Zoe Taylor

Zoe AKA the team kid, is one of the strongest climbers at UoB getting on the podium multiple times at MUCC, being a finalist in LUBE and crushing her first E2 on trad recently (might even be E3 when you're reading this.)

She helps run the climbing team alongside Alex organising training sessions, comps and the open training for non-team members.

MUCC Sec - Freddie Thomas

When Freddie isn't sport climbing out in Germany with his brothers, he runs MUCC which is a UoB organised event for Universities all over the Midlands - but not including Milton Keynes :(

He has to get sponsors and talk to the different gyms about hosting there so if you have any sponsor or gym recomendations then let him know, just not Milton Keynes :(

Media Sec - Evelyn Maynard

Evelyns ability to come up with UBMC related tiktoks is very impressive, it has very much taken precidence over studying maths so far since being on committee. If you have media related questions, contact Evelyn.

EDI Sec - Elfie Radford-Wilson

When Elfie isn't studying their Med course or flashing the entire black set in one session at Depot you may find them jamming out on guitar playing some Noah Kahan songs. EDI stands for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion so if you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact Elfie.

Elfie also runs the UBMC Kitshare which is responsibe for non-climbing related gear hire. To learn more about Kitshare and what it has to offer, please click here.

Previous Committee's:

To see some pictures of previous Committee's click here.