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UBMC's Facebook Group

Want to go climbing but have no one to go with? Lost your left shoe on a trip? This is the place to talk to other stoats!

Where we Climb


This is the indoor climbing and bouldering centre that we climb at every Wednesday afternoon. We bring ropes and harnesses if you need them; you can borrow them in exchange for your student ID.


Whether its pronounced dep-pot, dee-po, or de-po, this is where we climb every Monday evening! It's an indoor centre focused on bouldering.


This website provides all sorts of climbing-related information and has a logbook feature that lets you list the climbs you have done.

Midland Association of Mountaineers

One of Britain's national mountaineering clubs and home to many ex-UBMC members. After graduating from Birmingham, many stoats join the M.A.M. to continue climbing with old friends and to take advantage of a range of mebership benefits

British Mountaineering Council

The BMC is a national organisation that promotes the interests of mountaineers, climbers and walkers across England and Wales. Here you will find lots of instructional articles with lots of great information, especially for beginners.