Bouldering Day: Trip Report 2023

Bouldering Day: Trip Report 2023

On the misty morning of the 28th of October, the stoats set out to the Roaches for a day of gritstone bouldering.

Swiftly avoiding the boggy ‘spring boulders’ section, which turned out to be actually on a spring, we started off at the Lower Tier. The blister slabs were an instant favourite as well as the jammable arête on the left which saw some stoic ascents. The arete on the right was a great climb, involving a big move to a jug which Ian swore was ‘easy’ with an above the head heel hook.

A couple senior stoats projected what they thought was a V7 called ‘The gutter’. It was nicer than it sounded with a crimpy cave sit start leading to a powerful dyno, the cave was handy in sheltering from the brief showers. Some creative brushing was required with tree branches being utilised. Afterwards, further research revealed that use of the crucial side wall was not ‘in the spirit of things’ making it a V5.

 Other stoats just enjoyed the now clearing skies and stunning Roaches scenes.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon the stoats tackled the Upper Tier.  Many climbs were crushed on some classic boulders, accompanied by Peak district vistas. Ascents of Joe’s arete saw multiple different techniques used, everyone was relieved to find the ‘mega jug’ at the top!

The stoats were blessed with the sun in the afternoon and people climbed until the light dwindled.

Despite the weather giving ‘bad vibes’ initially, the stoats optimistically held out and were rewarded with a great day of chill climbing.

~James Norris