Curbar Day Trip

Curbar Day Trip

On Saturday 30th a small group of elite stoats spent the day braving the outdoors at Curbar. The day started rough with the minibus frozen over, delaying departure for a while but we were soon on the road and ready to get climbing.

Arriving at Curbar early and with temperatures of -1 degrees, we got straight onto some boulders. We hit trackside first which for many of the group was their first ever outdoor boulder. Starting easy on some grade 3 climbs the group soon got bolder and started trying 4's and then 5's. There were people climbing cracks, aretes, eating lunch (way too early) and Jake even trying the famous strawberries 6B.

After a while here and once we exhausted all the climbs the group decided to split in two. 6 brave and stupid club member went to do trad while the rest of us stuck to bouldering and moved onto our next location.

We went to Mini Prow next for some lunch before we got back to climbing. Everyone ran up the grade 3 arete and then moved straight onto the overhanging 5 and the traverse. Despite there only being two climbs we stayed a long time as the pysche to get them was high. There was a constant chatter of beta advise the whole time with everyone desperate to finish both climbs. We even ran into some old gits who were climbing nearby.

Next we wanted a change of scene so decided to head towards Cresent Slab. It soon became apparent that the group were not fans of slabs, with the exception of Alex H who just appeared to stick to the wall. Everyone persevered and got at least one of the climbs here done before demanding harder routes.

A short walk lead by our group navigator Paulina and we reached the Mini Walls. Another quick warm up climb was required because at the top of Curbar the winds were strong and it felt like -5 degrees, but we were soon ready to go. We bashed out a few last routes before letting the cold get to us and we called it a day.

We met up with the  trad group on the way back down to the car park and exchanged stories. Noah Attempted to lead his first HVS and E1!! A quick stop off at McDonalds on the way home and the day was complete.