On the Friday evening 15 keen stoats left for the lovely English Lake District for a quiet weekend of climbing antics. The journey was relatively uneventful, other than death racer Brian’s car getting a bit lost.

Saturday greeted us with torrential rain, however in true stoat spirit we headed to Raven crag anyway under the delusion that the rock may be miraculously dry. As expected it was damp, but not to be put off a few groups courageously climbed Middlefell buttress through the rain. Other groups gave up fairly quickly and made a hurried retreat to the old dungeon gyll pub, where Meg fell in love with a retarded puppy. The rain got worse throughout the afternoon, this meant the inevitable; the wayfarers amongst us came out! The nonwayfarers so disgusted at the mention of a walk stormed off to the Kendal climbing wall. This left the rest of the group to go on a ‘pleasant’ walk around the Langdale valley. However for Chris and Rachael this wasn’t enough, they decided to walk the 10 miles back to Coniston. Eventually making it back just after dark.

As is now tradition we embarked on the infamous Coniston pub crawl. Much fun was had that evening, catching up on the days epics. After a causal night we all crashed into bed, but as usual one fresher took drunkenness to another level and had to be put to bed.

That morning this fresher kept the reputation of being the messiest fresher by waking up in a puddle of chunder, taking messiness to a whole new level. After a rapid clean up/ cover up operation everything was back to normal, and the days climbing could start. This time we decided to brave the cold at scout crag. The day was productive for a club trip, with a few first leads being done in less than ideal conditions, well done guys! However a snow shower soon put an end to this. After a quick session bouldering at Langdale boulders we all headed back to Birmingham, satisfied with a great weekend of adventure.

Thanks guys for making this a great trip