Low House Scrambling, Nav & Scotland Prep Trip Report

Low House Scrambling, Nav & Scotland Prep Trip Report
Scrambling The Bell

Things started well with three committee members rolling up to North Gate ten minutes late cocooned within Peter’s improvised gear mobile. The setoff was swift, but the traffic was bad with some cars taking until eleven to arrive. It may have done loops of Kendal, then picked up an Old Git from Windermere train station, and then completed more loops but in Windermere. The evening’s activities devolved to the sling squeeze however a victor was not found, unlike some amazing facial expressions.

Saturday began with a superb talk from Tom Green on training for the Scotland Trip, covering strength and endurance, and what a Scottish mountaineering day looks like. Next, we headed out for a day of navigation training. With several practised Stoats and Tom et al taking small groups onto the hills around Levers Water, members practised the art of navigation from relating the map to the land, to relocation. Some groups even scrambled The Bell in the disappearing light.

Nav practice
Tunnel vision
Which knoll?
Evening clag

Enthusiastic groups remained on the hill into the darkness to practice or learn some night navigation. Many adventures were had wall crossing and restoring. Bearing, pacing, slope aspect and more, were all practised.

Night nav

Back at the hut fish and chips were had by some and the evening commenced. The pub shortly followed and then by another. Once back, the cardboard box game broke out.

Pub cat

7 am, a select number of brave Stoats ventured from the warmth of the hut down to the chill of Coniston Water for the traditional Sunday morning swim. Returning the rest awoken, the group split in two due to the unfortunately wet conditions of the available scrambles.

Coniston Water but no Stoats...

Half the group went for a walk North of Ambleside, exploring a cavernous cave. While the other half set off to attempt Jack’s Rake. At the Rake, it was decided that the group would attempt it. An adventure was had, with a stream in the first sections and slick holds throughout. The group safely negotiated the potential perils of the scramble. A blustery summit photo was taken on Pavey Ark before the group launched off to Harrison Stickle and back down to Stickle Ghyll Café which was disappointingly closed.

Stepping stones and caves
Jack's Rake
Pavey Ark summit

Both groups returned to the hut to execute the clean-up. Completed quickly, the then committee struggled to work out how to turn off the electrics. Finally resolved, the remaining cars headed for Birmingham, not before a very disjointed meet at some McDonalds on the way back.