Low house trip report

Low house trip report

Despite the rain forecasts ahead people turn up to North Gate with good spirits. After a temporary gear sec was elected to take up the responsibilities of the trip leader people where off. Traffic was good and people got to the hut in good time to meet MAM members.

On the Saturday the unpredictable and wet weather we were prevented from going climbing. One group brave the rain and even hale to climb old man Coniston but a good time was had by all. On the way down some adventurous people where tempted by a scramble while other were only thinking of the warm hut.

A second group were excited by the idea of learning to trad. They went of to raven crag to get their hand on nuts, hexes and even cams. In the evening when everyone was back at the hut an anchor building session was given by Harry Press.

After this was done and ropes where coiled fish and chips were had by some, and the evening commenced. The pub shortly followed and then by another. Once back, the cardboard box game broke out followed by the sling game.

7am wake up and frantic cleaning and washing commenced. Since the weather was looking better everyone worked quickly to get it done and get out climbing. Once this was completed groups were sent to a variety of crags. Lead by the MAM, committee members and the eagerness of novice outdoor climber a good time was had by all.

At long scar the rock was good despite the damp cold. Once layers were applied the view of Wynrose pass was incredible.

Everyone survived there first encounter with real rock however, the same cannot be said for the wheels of Liz’s car!

After a great weekend the cars left their respective crag and headed for Birmingham with a very disjointed meet at some McDonalds on the way back.