OGWEN 2018

OGWEN 2018
Joint MAM Meet

On the Friday before the first weekend in November, the keen stoats who had managed to get in to the now infamous Ogwen sign ups gathered by the University of Birmingham Sports Pitches. In the rapidly approaching darkness all were bundled into cars and a very snug mini bus bursting with a healthy amount of gear and uncontrollable psyche.

After the traditional stop at the ASDA Superstore in Shrewsbury - as has become traditional on our North Wales excursions for snacks and drinks - the homey sights of the MAM Glan Dena hut were upon us along with the MAM Members who came for the meet!

After much deliberation on activities for the very wet looking Saturday, there was finally a plan…

One group led by the ever-fabulous Nick and his infamous navigational skills clambered and scrambled up as much of Tryfan as they could; only being denied the summit by the gale force winds. The way down was much more varied, featuring many goat sightings enjoyed by all leading to the coining of “Stoats on goats in moats” as the path turned into a stream from the rain! Some others not fancying the ascent ambled around the lake itself. Another group led by ADL and Ed enjoyed a wet run up to Llyn Idwal around it and back, but not before a mid-run dip in the lake. The dip was rumored to not make them any more wet so why not eh… And finally, a small contingent trek all the way the Parisella’s Cave and caught the only sun of the day on some gnarly bouldering routes.

After stoats arrived back at the hut to dry off, a small study club in the kitchen was formed for a few hours for the deadline stressed followed quickly by an excursion to a nearby pub in hopes of watching the rugby and having a pint.

Due to the outrageous weather conditions causing actual WAVES(?!) on the surface of Llyn Ogwen the midnight swim had to be sadly called off, but spirits remained high as the evening wore on. Classics like the sling game and cardboard box challenge were enjoyed by players and onlookers alike. There was also chatter about slightly improved conditions on the morrow and keen stoats began pondering potential adventures. After much mingling and story swapping amongst Stoats and MAM alike it was time to get some shut eye.

As Sunday broke some left for a day of scrambling and trad in the Ogwen valley while others travelled to Australia for a bit of sport Climbing. The Australia stoats got somewhat rained off the slate and had to shelter in a nearby café, they were of course forced to enjoy the plethora of hot beverages and cakes which were on offer! The scramblers and trad groups had slightly wet but wonderful days with some at the Idwal slabs and others around Little Tryfan.

All converged back at the hut before loading up and shipping off back to Birmingham after the weekend escape in the lovely countryside.