Sport Day Trip

Sport Day Trip

North gate was full by 7am on Saturday morning by excited Stoats and a load of Aussie Rules players also waiting for their transport. We left just as the sun came up and began our surprisingly quick journey to Trevor Quarry in North Wales. Once we had all arrived, even though it was a little touch and go with a minibus around Welsh country roads, everyone headed up to the crag.

We chalked up, even Gabbie’s gloves, and began a day of sport climbing which was a first for many of the stoats on the trip. However, of course Jon managed to use his new rack for a bit of trad too! Across the very long crag, smaller groups of stoats encountered a few… interesting experiences throughout the day.

One group met a couple of guys going for a seemingly casual climb until it became apparent with a funky smell the pair were learning how to lead outside...whilst smoking zoots - not too sure that would pass the guild’s risk assessment? A near-miss casualty for the club also nearly occurred when our treasurer was almost wiped out by a falling rock off the very crumbly rockface. It turned out a hand-sized rock landed in his chalk bag!!

As golden hour turned up it was time for our last climbs of the day and some perfect photo opportunities. On our way back to the cars a few stoats noticed a dog without an owner anywhere to be seen, so decided to take him for a quick trip in the car and dropped him off at a local pub!

Overall, it was a very successful trip, and everyone managed to get a lot of good climbs in. The spectacular views of Trevor will definitely be one to go back to!