Stanage 2018

Stanage 2018

Our Stanage trip this year was a great success and the first weekend where good weather was enjoyed on both days! (as promised by the Supreme Commander of British Weather, President ADL). Arriving at Thorpe Farm in thick fog the lively band of Stoats spent the evening browsing guidebooks and trying to ignore the smell of dung permeating the hut. Saturday was cold and bright with freezing winds meaning that the trickiest part of most routes was sitting at the top and belaying.

Most of the group climbed at Stanage Popular both days but some more intrepid climbers ventured over to Frogatt on Sunday. One group were almost forced to bivvy at the crag when they were accidentally left behind…

Some highlights of the climbing were: Ed Lewis got an E2, Piers had a bit of a nasty fall but is fixing up nicely, DL did a grit VS and Tom L and many others had their first ever leads! We also bumped into Claire (MAM President) and some other MAM members on the sunny Sunday afternoon

Non-Climbing fun was also had with an epic suspended sock wrestling contest held on the Saturday night. Battles were vicious and the final resulted in a battle of the Toms. (Stay tuned for next year....will Tom Dudley maintain his title? Will the up and coming Tom Lightning steal his crown?!) .

We also played the cardboard box game but everyone was far TOO good at it...probably due to a strange lack of alcohol consumption.

The group left having had the best weather of any trip of the year so far and with scratches and bruises galore as well as memories of the joyous jamming on gorgeous grit