Cornwall Summer Trip 2023

Cornwall Summer Trip 2023

On this cold, wet and windy Sellyoak day we hope that this incredibly delayed trip report for Summer Trip will remind you of the good old days when the sun shone from 5-11 every day.

The trip started with all the Stoats piling themselves and all their tents into a limited number of cars. The doors were slammed shut and a promise that the cars, that were bursting at the brim so would not be opened until we made it to the bottom of Cornwall.

A legal attempt of Bosigran Ridge (VDiff 3**)

Upon arrival the Stoats spread themselves over the campsite claiming their home for the next week. Some Stoats setting up mansion sized burrows and some in humble two mans. Once dinner was cooking the group leaders began planning the week ahead.

Sleepy Stoats working on their tan

Throughout the week the Stoats swapped between Bosigran and Sennen cove, even spotting some Old Gits on their Summer Holidays. (Congratulations!) Many of the young stoatlings completed their first leads on Allison's Rib! And a new generation of Trad Dads were born!

Peter On Allison's Rib (Mod, 3***)

As the week went on, the cloudier it got, but the Stoats got stronger. Every time they visited the crag grades would be pushed with some personal goals ticked off. A lovely bonding trip for the Stoats with both new and old generations climbing together and sharing knowledge and experiences.

New and Old Gear Secs tapping into the gear hive mind

Cornwall provided everything that was promised, sun, sea and sand. Some slightly burnt stoats headed back up to the rainy West Midlands with stories to tell. See you in 2 years, and Pembroke better watch out. It won't know what's hit it!

P.S. If anyone sees the gear secs please email El at [email protected]