Yorkshire 2013

Continuing the theme from Low House of last-minute transport disasters, we were left one car down due to issues with vehicle rental. This meant that unfortunately we left the Munrow on Friday evening one stoat down, with everyone else crammed into the remaining four cars. Also after the closure of “the Dump” in Skipton, UBMC’s usual residence of choice in North Yorkshire, this year we instead headed to Pateley Bridge. With some minor adventures en route, we arrived to discover a rather pleasant scout hut. Plans for Saturday were drawn up, and after the eventual arrival of Henry “Shanka J” Jeffreys, everyone headed to bed, keen for the climbing to come.

After waking up bright and early on Saturday morning, preparations were quickly made for the day ahead, with the two cars setting off for Almscliff and Ilkley. With fine weather all day, a productive day was had by all. Henry and Hazel explored the always pleasant Sand Chimney at Ilkley, while a top rope was later setup on an E2. Despite some minor trad faff the sun set, thankfully there were no major dramas. After arriving back at the hut, dinner was cooked, showers were had and preparations for the night ahead were made.

The evening brought the usual UBMC festivities - in lieu of the traditional visit to Strata, an epic pub crawl (of Pateley Bridge’s two pubs) was undertaken. The highlight of this was undoubtedly the Three Pint / Wine Challenges. Particularly strong efforts from Murray, Alexandra (3WC in 24 seconds) and Ben Gibson - who managed to decorate the pub balcony in impressive style. No doubt this endeared us greatly to the locals. Later on, many Stoats explored the attractions of the local playground - just the rides, fortunately - though all managed to make it back to the hut in one piece.

Upon waking up somewhat later - and somewhat less eagerly - than the previous day, we were greeted by a light rain shower. Fortunately, this proved to be short-lived, and a good day of climbing was still achieved, with Almscliffe and Brimham Rocks the crags of choice for Sunday. Notable highlights included Joe leading his first HVS at Brimham, and Stringray, who took an impressive fall bouldering at Almscliff on the Matterhorn, shortly before sending the problem. Shortly after returning to the hut and giving it a rapid (but thorough) clean, the Stoats packed up and headed back to Birmingham, eager for the next climbing adventure.

Massive thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great trip, I hope you all enjoyed it.