Scotland Kit List!

Scotland can get incredibly cold on the mountains! It is essential that you read the kit list below and ensure you either have everything on this list OR MESSAGE the Mountain Secretary (Matthew Bilella).

Boots (need to be B2 or B3 rated) - These are essential for the trip. Search EBay, OutdoorGear Exchange (FB Group), OutdoorKit Exchange (FB Group). If you are sturggling to find boots please reach out to other members to help you source a pair second hand. (
Warm Socks - (Bridgedale Summit socks are optimal but a bit pricey, go outdoors do plenty. SealSkins are very cool as they are waterproof!)
Thermal Top AND Bottoms - (These dont need to be very Gucci, Aldi and TKMaxx do some great deals)
Trousers - (These need to be NON-Cotton and stretchy so that you can walk and climb in them. Craghopper do a brilliant pair for very cheap at GO Oudoors)
Gaiters - (These are optional but keeps the snow out your socks and your boots dry! Trekmates sell them for a very reasonable ammount)
Fleeces - (Bring spares and get Thin and Thick ones to give you options. Also make sure they are sized so you can layer them up)
Warm hat/balaclava/buff - (A buff/Balaclava is one of the best things you can get to cut the wind out. But it needs to fit under a helmet)
Gloves - You need at least one thick waterproof pair and one thin pair to go underneath. Decathlon do a brilliant pair called "Cascade Gloves". BRING SPARES! If you get super cold then a pair of mitts are a good choice!)
Waterproof jacket and trousers - (These are essential. Please make sure you check with the Mountain Sec if you are at all unsure whether your jacket is waterproof or water resistant! If it is only water resistant you will get very very wet)
Rucksack for climbing - (35l-50l Decathlon do some very affordable ones.)
Down/synthetic jacket - (optional but warm. If you get very cold then this could be useful. HOWEVER, if you cant afford to get one simply layering more fleeces will do the same job)
Head torch and spare batteries - They will be an essential item just incase you end up in the dark on the mountains
Goggles - Exactly the same as ski goggles. Bring one pair of goggles and then a pair of sun glasses as a spare.
Compass - If you dont have one then just let the Mountain Sec know
Thermos flask/Water bottles - Sometimes it is cold enough for the waterbottle in your bag to turn to ice so having your water in the form of a hot bring can be a real energy boost and a good way to keep it from freezing.
Orange/Tinfoil Survival bag - These are super cheap and light and a great way to keep yourself warm if an emergency occurs
Roll top dry bag(s) - (Either get specific dry bags however they are pricy OR get Thick bin bags as they also work really well and are very cheap)
Harness, Belay plate/carabiner, Iced Axes, Crampons and helmet - These can all be borrowed from the club so dont worry MAKE SURE YOU PUT ON THE SIGN UP FORM WHAT YOU NEED
Personal first aid kit - This should include any personal medication you need, lip balm, the survival bag, blister plasters etc
Normal clothes/Pyjamas - It isnt a fashion show just bring comfortable cloths
Sleeping bag - The hut is heated so you dont need to get a sleeping bag which is any bigger than you would normally take on a club trip
Teddy bear - a range of technical climbing teddy bears to meet your needs can be found here at a great price

Places to look:
Go Outdoors (Good prices and 10% price match if you find it somewhere cheaper)
Cotswolds (Ask committee for 20% discount code)
TKMaxx (Just drop in regularly, they often have Craghoppers, Berghaus, and Mammut at a ridiculously low price)

Optional items

Other optional items that have been discussed:
- Sleep mask
- Earplugs
- Pillow case (there may be some in the hut)
- Single bed sheet (don't get too excited)
- £16.50 for the pizza buffet
- the free-trial on the viewfinder app
- sunglasses could be good
- a sleeping bag liner
- any climbing kit you own


Food (bring your own or buy it there at the local Aldi):
Breakfast : individual, most go for porridge
Lunch: stuff for snacks on route or a packed lunch
Dinner: people will get into groups to cook and will buy food as such