If you are looking for the kit list for the Scotland trip head over to here for a list by Matthew Bilella.

Here is the kit list you'll need for most of our trips. I've broken it down into three parts: Day Trip kit, Weekend Kit, and option things.

Generally you should aim to pack everything you need for the day of climbing into a sturdy rucksack, a good capacity is 30-40 liters and your overnight stuff into another bag.

Day Trips:

  • any climbing kit you own including but not limited to: shoes, harness, helmet, carabiners, chalk bag, belay device
  • a sturdy pair of shoes to walk to the crag in - we often use Approach Shoes but walking boots are also good
  • food and snacks for the day
  • water in a good water bottle - careful the lid wont accidentally fall off! I typically take a 1 liter Nalgene bottle but some people prefer slightly more.
  • warm clothes, such as fleeces and a down jacket
  • suitable outdoor trousers, synthetic joggers are fine just please don't bring normal jeans!
  • waterproof coat and waterproof trousers (hopefully you won't need to use them!)
  • any medication you need
  • head torch

Weekend Trips:

  • sleeping  bag - here is a great cheap one
  • sleeping matt
  • toiletries
  • clothes for both days of climbing (spare socks etc)
  • clothes to change into in the evenings
  • a small towel can be useful
  • some money for food or other
  • food for both lunches
  • food for both breakfasts
  • food for dinner Friday and Saturday night

Note: we generally don't recommend bringing things such as pillows as they take up a huge amount of valuable space in the cars. If you feel like you really need one I can suggest purchasing one like this inflatable pillow from decathlon - I use it on most trips!

Optional things:

  • ear plugs
  • sleep mask
  • phone chargers
  • hat
  • buff
  • camera
  • phone
  • drone
  • compass
  • spare buff
  • gloves
  • spare gloves
  • thermal top and bottoms
  • full climbing rack
  • climbing rope
  • second water bottle
  • warm walking socks
  • spare socks
  • spare down jacket
  • sliders for in the hut
  • sun cream