Scrambling and Nav Trip Kit List

Generally, you should aim to pack everything you need for the day of climbing into a sturdy rucksack, a good capacity is 30-40 litres and your overnight stuff into another bag.

Scrambling and Nav Trip Kit List
Atop Moel Siabod having scrambled up, 2021

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Let's clear up what you're going to need. If you don't have something on the kit list and it's required, recommended, or just for comfort, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Secretary runs the club kit share.

2022 Scrambling, Nav & Scotland Prep Trip is to Low House, Coniston!

Low House is a Midland Association of Mountaineers bunkhouse with a large equipped kitchen (fridge-freezers, ovens, hobs, pans, trays, knives, plates, cutlery, etc, etc...)

Generally, you should aim to pack everything you need for the day of scrambling into a sturdy rucksack, a good capacity is 30-40 litres and your overnight stuff into another bag.

Day time

Remember, there are two days in a weekend...

  • Relevant climbing kit you own including but not limited to: harness and helmet, the club can provide these if you tell us at sign-up (not via kit share). Climbing shoe, carabiners, chalk bag, belay device, etc are extras you won't need unless you're planning on climbing.
  • A sturdy pair of walking boots, approach shoes or mountaineering boots, not walking shoes. The club has a few pairs you can borrow, no guarantee they will fit or be available... or not cause blisters
  • Suitable warm socks, ideally synthetic or wool. And a spare pair.
  • Suitable outdoor trousers, synthetic joggers are fine just please don't bring normal jeans, unless they're just for the hut!
  • Multiple warm layers (clothes), such as fleeces and a down jacket
  • Waterproof coat and waterproof trousers (you're gonna need them)
  • Warm hat
  • Warm gloves, ideally waterproof
  • Head torch and spare batteries for it!
  • Compass and map(s) if you have them. Message the Mountain Sec to find out what maps are worth bringing
  • Survival bag/emergency bivouac bag if you have one
  • Personal first aid kit (recommended but there will be larger group ones on the trip)
  • Blister plasters or good zinc oxide tape
  • Tissues and sanitary supplies
  • Rucksack to carry your day stuff in
  • Optionally dry bag(s) to keep it all dry - either get specific dry bags however they are pricy or get some thick bin bags as they also work really well and are very cheap). Or a rucksack cover, until you learn they are not worth it.

Night time

  • Clothes to change into in the evenings
  • Toiletries and towel, use the damn showers
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillowcase - there are often enough pillows at Low House and Glan Dena to go around, bring a case and you'll thank yourself. Bring an inflatable one if you want a guarantee or use a jumper, please don't bring an actual pillow they take up a huge amount of valuable space in the cars.
  • A second bag for all the rest (ideally)
  • Teddy bear - a range of technical climbing teddy bears to meet your needs can be found here at a great price

Food and drink

We will stop at a supermarket en route to the bunkhouse, later in the journey. This lets you have more space in the car for most of the journey, they will be stuffed, and your cold stuff might still be cold. Or you could shop beforehand like an organised Stoat.

  • So bring money for food or drink if that's your plan
  • If at Low House, not Glan Dena, some might go to the chippy Saturday night (cash only, you've been warned)
  • Food and snacks for the day (lunch plus other carby foodstuffs work well) plus spare for when you're extra hungry or late back
  • Water in a good water bottle(s) - careful the lid won't accidentally fall off! Some people survive on 1 litre, how? Are you not dehydrated at the end of the day?
  • Flask if you like warm drinks on the hill, you'll just have to carry it
  • Food for breakfast and tea (dinner...)

Again, so you don't starve yourself:

  • 2 breakfasts
  • 2 lunches
  • enough snacks for 2 days of vigorous activity
  • 2 evening meals

If at Low House, you'll be saved, there are some small shops in Coniston. Don't miss closing. If at Glan Dena, you'll have to beg, borrow or s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶.

Miscellaneous and optional

  • Any medication you need
  • Ear plugs
  • Sleep mask
  • Phone chargers
  • Buff
  • Camera
  • Phone
  • Spare buff
  • Spare gloves
  • Thermal top and bottoms
  • Full climbing rack
  • Climbing rope
  • Second water bottle
  • Spare socks
  • Spare down jacket
  • Sliders or slippers for the hut
  • Sunglasses and sun cream if you're feeling optimistic
  • Walking poles if you're so inclined
  • Gaiters
  • Whistle


You won't need these but if you're interested. They are useful but they should not be your primary or only tool.

  • OS Maps free basic maps, subscription for all of OS's maps or downloads of physical maps you've bought
  • OS Locate GPS coordinate in grid reference or Lat/Long without mobile signal. Worthwhile downloading.